List of Governors of Crown Meadow First School and Nursery – January 2020

Keith Wiseman Co-opted Chair Safeguarding Governor 28.11.17 – 27.11.21

Tess Davis Co-opted Vice- Chair Chair of Curriculum Chair of Personnel 13.09.18 – 12.09.22

Howard Allen LA SEN Governor 22.05.18 – 21.05.22

Sally Athey Ex-Officio Head teacher From 01.09.18

Sonia Edwards Parent Curriculum Personnel 08.02.19 – 07.02.23

Darren Farmer Parent Finance 27.04.18 – 26.04.22

Carol Hart Staff Curriculum From 06.11.19

Jo Illy Co-opted Deputy Head From 17.01.19

Sara Kitchen Co-opted 09.12.19 – 08.12.23

Chris Morris Associate Assistant Head From 01.09.19

Adam Staite Parent Chair of Finance 08.02.19 – 07.02.23

Sue Moxon Clerk From 01.09.19

Provisional Full Governing Body Meeting Dates

Spring Term 2020 Summer Term 2020

February 12th April 27th

March 5th July 2nd

Any queries regarding the Governors, their work and meeting details should be addressed to the Clerk to the Governors.

Governors can also be contacted through the Clerk to the Governors.