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Worcestershire County Council's Information for Parents Book on Admissions and Transfers to Schools is available to view online using the link below.

Link: Worcestershire School Admissions


A copy of the book is also available to view in Schools, Libraries and at your Local Worcestershire Hub.

The Information for Parents book contains full details on the application and allocation process, including the oversubscription admission criteria for each school. You are advised to read the book prior to making an application.

The information below briefly explains:

How to apply for a school place in the normal round of admissions
The parents of ALL pupils resident in Worcestershire, including parents whose preference is for the catchment area school for the child's home address, seeking a place at any First/Primary or Middle School, including any Academy, Foundation or Voluntary Aided Schools, and any School outside Worcestershire, must complete a Worcestershire LA Common Application Form (PA1).

Applications can be made online by visiting If you do not have access to the internet Application Forms are available from the
School, Local Worcestershire Hub or by request on Tel no: 01905 822700

The parents of pupils resident outside Worcestershire, but who wish to apply for a place at any Worcestershire school, must complete an application form provided by the "home" LA. (The "home" LA is defined as the Local Authority relevant to the Child's home address). The "home" LA will ensure that the application details are passed onto Worcestershire LA for consideration in the allocation of school places.

When are decisions made?
For pupils resident in Worcestershire, the offer letters will be posted via second class postage. They will be sent direct to parents, by the Pupil Admissions and Transfers Section, even if it is on behalf of the governing body of an Academy, Foundation or Voluntary Aided School, or a school in a neighbouring LA.

In the few cases, where it may not be possible to offer a place at any of the preferences nominated on the application form, a place will be offered at the nearest school with available places.

The offer letter will include an acceptance/decline slip which must be returned to Worcestershire County Council by the date specified in the offer letter.
For pupils not resident in Worcestershire, the offer or refusal letters will be sent direct to parents by the home LA, even if it is for a school in Worcestershire.