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In 2013, the Department for Education announced that from September 2014 they would be decommissioning National Curriculum levels as these levels sat alongside the previous National Curriculum and not the 2014 curriculum. This has given schools the freedom to devise an assessment system that fits the needs of their pupils and allows children to work towards 'mastering' the curriculum by learning the depth and breadth of a range of knowledge, skills and understanding.

We have worked in collaboration with a number of schools to trial the system throughout the academic year 2014-15 and have assessed the progress our children make against the National curriculum. We have regularly moderated judgements and created an assessment portfolio that allows us to show 'benchmarks' for the assessment data.

In line with our neighbouring schools we will be referring to the progress as 
'Emerging''Developing''Secure' and 'Mastery' (Greater Depth) within the programmes of study suitable for each year group.

Our aim is that all children will be 'secure' within a programme of study by the end of the National Curriculum year - some children will exceed progress and be at 'greater depth.'

Teachers use evidences across a child's learning journey to make accurate judgements to determine which stage a child as it with working towards mastery in relation to the National Curriculum programmes of study and skills ladders. The skills ladders below are how we will assess learning moving forward. The 'Key Performance Indicators' (KPIs) are the key learning objectives that we refer to regular. These are the skills listed as 'Secure' in each year groups programme of study.

Below you will find our Assessment System for 2016 for Years 1 to 4, focusing on mastery learning and the EYFS Development Matters document for children in Early Years.

File icon: pdf CMFS_Assessment_System_September_2016 [pdf 1013KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf CMFS_EYFS_Assessment_Development-Matters [pdf 651KB] Click to download