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Full Name of Governor Category of Governor Committees & Special Resp. Term of Office
Howard Allen Local Authority 

Co-Chair of Governing Body

SEND Governor

PPG Premium

22.05.18 - 21.05.22
Tess Davis Co-opted


New Governor Mentor

Sports Premium

13.09.18 - 12.09.22
Darren Farmer Parent

Chair - **FPC, IT

27.04.18 - 26.04.22
Michelle Gabriel Co-Opted Personnel 08.10.18 - 07.10.22
Caroline Thomas Meredith Co-opted *SIC 30.01.18 - 29.01.22
Sally Athey Ex-Officio Head Teacher 01.09.18 onward
Matthew Webster Staff *SIC 12.09.17 - 11.09.21
Keith Wiseman Co-opted

Co-Chair of Governing Body


School Website

28.11.17 - 27.11.21
Jo Illy Associate Governor  Deputy Head 17.01.19 onward
Karen Hillmansen   Clerk to Governing Body 01.02.19 onward

*SIC - School Improvement Committee

**FPC - Finance & Personnel Committee



A copy of governors meetings may be requested to the clerk of governors and will be made available within 4 weeks of request.

File icon: pdf Governing Body September 2018 [pdf 231KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Governors Declaration of Interest Summer 2018 [pdf 124KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Instrument 2014 09 01 [pdf 39KB] Click to download