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Dear Zoo (November - December)

Autumn 2 has been such fun! The Year 1 children have amazed us with their learning, positive attitudes, dancing and singing skills. Roll on the rest of the school year :)



This half term in English, we have been looking at the books Dear Zoo, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Oi Frog! The children have been practising their sentence structure and using descriptive language; they have been writing WANTED posters and re-writing common stories. The children have now become really good at using capital letters at the start of their sentences, finger spaces in between their words and full stops at the end of their sentences. 







We have been working really hard in Maths this half term on adding and subtracting numbers within 10. We have been using practical resources such as, tens frames, part-whole models, counters, cubes and number lines to count on and count backwards. We have also been working on our reasoning and problem-solving skills. 


As part of our learning about shape, we have learnt to identify, name and sort 2D and 3D shape, as well as create patterns using these.



In Science this half term, we have been learning all about animals. We have learnt to identify different animals which can be categorised as farm, pet or wild, and also classify them into fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals. We can now also identify which animals are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Did you know that a kingfisher is a carnivore, and a hedgehog is an omnivore?



This half term we have started to learn all about Geography; we have learnt that Geography is the study of the Earth. We have been identifying the physical and human features of an environment and we have looked at land use in our local area. As part of this we have been for walks around our school grounds and for a local village walk. We have also looked at the differences of a city and a village. 



This half term we have learnt all about Design and Technology. We can now identify the four key areas of D.T that we must look at in every lesson. We start our lesson by researching our skill/product, followed by designing our own product, then making our product and finally evaluating our work using a set criteria. We have been learning how to cut, tear, fold and curl paper to create different animal pictures. 



We have been very fortunate this half term to have been on two school trips.


First, we visited Little Owl Farm. What a fantastic day this was! The children had plenty of opportunities to explore and observe a variety of different animals. They were able to have hands on experience holding rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and ducks, as well as stroking goats, pigs, reindeer and horses. The children were lucky enough to see and feed Santa's reindeer Dancer and Donner. There was also plenty of time for the children to access the play areas including the bouncy pillows, indoor soft play and outdoor play centre. An amazing day was had by all, the Year 1 children were a credit to the school. 

St Laurence Church Visit


How lucky we were to be able to visit our local parish church. Reverend Gail Rogers welcomed us and took the children on a tour around the church, identifying key features such as, the font, the alter, the pulpit and the lectern. She then spoke to the children about why Christmas is important to Christians and the children were given an opportunity to ask questions about this. At the end of our visit, Reverend Gail taught us all a song with actions. 

Take a look at some of our other learning this half term: 

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