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Dear Zoo (November - December)

As part of our learning this half term the children have enjoyed studying the following stories:

In our writing this half term the children have been learning to use capital letters at the start of their sentences, finger spaces in between their words and full stops at the end of their sentences. We have also thought about how we can use our phonics to help us spell words. The children have combined their skills to have a go at writing some excellent WANTED posters and innovated stories.

In our geography learning this half term we have been learning about human and physical features of an environment. The children learnt to identify both human and physical features of our school grounds and can discuss these with their peers. The children have also learnt to identify features of cities and villages and of the countryside. 

In science this half term, we have learnt to identify and name a range of different animals including pets, farm animals and wild animals. The children then thought about if an animal was a mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile or fish. The children have also learnt to identify and name a range of animals which are carnivores and herbivores. 

This half term we have had a focus on our DT learning. Alongside our very exciting Design and Do day where we researched, designed and created our own finger puppets, the children have also been practising using different DT skills. First the children learnt the importance of holding scissors carefully and cutting paper accurately to create some shape animals, then they learnt to tear paper to create stripes for either a zebra or tiger. The children were also taught how to fold paper to create legs of a frog and also how to curl paper to create a lions mane. Finally the children had a go at combining all these skills to design and create a new animal. 


Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed