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Dinosaurs Rock (January - February)

Forest School

This half term we have been enjoying our time down in Forest School. We have searched for dinosaur bones and worked together to work out where they might go. We have also created dinosaur skeletons from sticks, searched for dinosaur jigsaw pieces, and found clues to identify mystery dinosaurs. 


As part of our DT learning this half term we have been learning how to use a knife safely to cut food. We learnt about 'The Bridge', 'The Fork Secure' and 'The Claw' methods of using a knife and we also planned out which ingredients we could cut using each method. We learnt about the importance of personal hygiene when preparing food and how we can use the equipment safely. Finally, we created our own fruit salad by using these techniques to cut a range of different fruits.


As part of our topic learning this half term we have been on a walk around Alvechurch to study land use. We walked down the main road and spotted pubs, churches, shops, houses, roads and much more. We could identify these as human features of an environment and talked about the purpose of each feature. 

We have also been enjoying our dinosaur topic and have learnt about where dinosaur fossils have been found. We found out that T-rex roamed across North America, Iguanodon roamed across Europe and Velociraptor roamed across Asia. We have also discovered that not all the dinosaurs were living at the same time and that you can split the Mesozoic Era into 3 time periods: The Triassic, The Jurassic and The Cretaceous periods. We learnt that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago and that scientists believe this was because of an asteroid hitting earth and changing climatic conditions.

We have also learnt about the life of Mary Anning who was a famous fossil hunter over 200 years ago. Did you know that Mary Anning found the first complete skeleton of a Ichthyosaurus? She used to sell her 'curiosities' to people on the street for 1 penny.


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