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Homework - Friday 19th November

Homework for Friday 19th November

For this week's homework, we would like you to research a time in history that we are going to be looking at soon. This is called The Shang Dynasty. Within your research, focus specifically on the different groups of people in the hierarchy structure and how their lives may have differed in terms of wealth and status. 

Computing reminder - Beware of the websites that you are using for your research. Ask yourself whether the site is reliable and if not, come off it immediately or check with an adult before continuing. 


Extra optional challenge - Write a diary entry in the day of the life of one of these people. 







Weekly homework (reminder) - 

Remember the other things you should be doing each week are:

  • learning your weekly spellings
  • reading daily 
  • practising your times tables 

Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed