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Homework - Friday 24th September

Homework for Friday 24th September


Activity 1 (Main priority homework for this week)

Next week, the Year 4 children will be writing their star write which is a non-chronological report based on Modern Art. In one of the lessons, we gave the children the opportunity to research this online. However, we know that some children wanted even more time to be able to find out facts which they could use in their own report.

For your homework we would like you to find out some facts about Modern Art and three artists from this era. Some of these could include; David Hockney, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keefe and Roy Litchenstein. Please write your notes on paper and bring them in on Monday 27th September so that you can use it to support your star write. You might want to find out about famous pieces of art work produced by these artists as well as techniques and mediums they are well known for using. 




Activity 2 (Optional) 

On Purple Mash there are two activities set for you to complete online. They are called:

  • Monster Multiplication 
  • Choose the right subordinate conjunction to match the sentence 

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