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Incredible Inventions (May - July)

Our new topic is 'Incredible Inventions'. We will be travelling back to 1450 and exploring a range of inventions in chronological order. 


In English, our author focus is Roald Dahl. We will be reading and exploring two texts; George's Marvellous Medicine & Fantastic Mr Fox. If your child has a copy of this text, they are more than welcome to bring it into school to follow as we read.


George's Marvellous Medicine


All of the children are absolutely loving our Roald Dahl text. They are laughing away as we share our story during our English learning and at the end of the day. We have been focussing on a rewrite of when George is making the medicine for Grandma. 


If your child has a copy of the text at home, they are more than welcome to bring this in to follow along with the words.

History (Topic)


Week 1 - we have travelled back to 1450 when Johannes Gutenburg invented the printing press. William Caxton brought the printing press to England in 1476. The children reviewed had printing has changed over the years. 1450 was 572 years ago!

Enrichment Opportunities


Tuesday 26th April 2022 - KS1 participated in a Careers Event. Within this event, they explored the jobs of a Ecologist and a Game Designer. The children absolutely loved being immersed in these careers and learning new skills.


The Ecologist activities involved exploring our natural environment and creating a bird feeder. These are currently hanging around Crown Meadow.


The Game Designer involved working collaboratively and using technology. We used Scratch JR to create our own game. In pairs, we made our own sprite and displayed this on a background.


Year 2 trip - Think Tank - watch this space for additional updates! :)

Sunflower Competition


Miss Luke has launched a whole school sunflower competition. Each class in Crown Meadow has planted sunflower seeds and have got to care for them. 2ER and 2HL are very competitive!


2HL - 

2ER - 

The sunflowers are now ready to be planted outdoors! 

Year 2 Planters - Crown Meadow in Bloom

Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed