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Our Glorious Globe (January - April)

This term we will be learning all about 'Our Glorious Globe!'


Here are the books that we are exploring:


In Geography, we have been learning all about the United Kingdom with the help of Paddington Bear!


In Computing, we have been learning how to search the internet safely.


In Science, we have been learning about habitats.

We completed an investigation to see what happened if we placed daffodils in water with food colouring.

We predicted that the petals would change colour - our prediction was correct! 

The Key Stage One children participated in a Careers Afternoon. This involved separating into their house groups.


The children were exposed to 2 different careers - an Architect and a Scientist. The children participated in 2 different sessions. The Science session involved walking down to the laboratory in Middle School. Mr Sharma and Mr Pattison performed a range of exciting experiments for us to watch. The children know they are not to try these at home!


The other session was based around being an Architect. They were provided with a range of building materials and they had to build a strong, sturdy bridge. There were some wonderful creations!



Healthy Living Week


Monday 4th April to Thursday 7th April

Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed