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Our Glorious Globe



This term's topic is, Our Glorious Globe. Within this topic we will be exploring these key texts:


The children have been reading 'The Storm Whale'. This story has a morale based on friendship and kindness. The children have been focussing on asking questions, writing commands which use imperative verbs and changing adjectives into adverbs.


Our final writing will be 'How to save a whale'.

We have recently immersed the children in our new text 'The Owl Babies'. The children will be using a range of skills to write a re-write of the story.

Our key learning is using apostrophes to show contraction and apostrophes for possession.

Meercat Mail

We have been exploring Sunny's adventures and reviewing all of the different destinations he visits. The children have been working towards writing a letter from one of the places that Sunny visits. They were pretending to be Sunny - they LOVED being a meercat! The children created brilliant exclamative sentences. They also had to write in a range of tenses - past, present and future!



In Maths, we have been focussing on multiplication and division. We are using our knowledge of number and place value to aid our learning. The children have been completing a range of multiplication and division activities.


____ x ____ = ____


The 'x' means multiplied by, lots of or groups of. Each side of the equals sign has to be balance.


____ ÷ ____ = ____


The divide sign can be 'shared into' or 'groups of'


Attached are 2 multiplication and division end of unit assessments that we completed.


During Maths, we have been focussing on 2D shapes. We have been naming shapes, counting edges and vertices on 2D shapes.

After half term, we will begin looking at 3D shapes.



The children have completed a huge amount of learning on Fractions. They have been learning about a 1/2, 1/4 and a 1/3. The children are familiar with what a numerator and a denominator is.

The numerator is the top number and this states how many parts shaded.

The denominator is the bottom number and this states how many parts there are in total.


We have challenged ourselves further by looking at equivalent fractions e.g. 1/2 is the same as 2/4.



To consolidate your child's learning, it would be very beneficial to complete a range of arithmetic style questions. It is important for the children to show their workings.


For example; 


5 x 3 = ____


72 - 34 = 


57 + 18 = 


Stunning Start - The children have explored our new topic helping Paddington plan his journey from Darkest Peru to London. I think Year 2 are excellent Geographers!

Paddington has been a super busy bear! He has travelled from Peru to the United Kingdom. Paddington started off in London, which is the capital city of England and has travelled to Scotland! He wrote us a letter from Edinburgh, He told us all about sitting listening to the bagpipes play whilst trying to spot the Loch Ness Monster!

Paddington has now travelled to all four countries in the United Kingdom. This gave the children the opportunity to learn some new facts about these places and explore the capital cities.


The children have been researching the artist 'David Hockney'. The children have found out lots of facts about David Hockney and reviewed a huge amount of his art work.


The next task is for the children to experiment with different mediums. They will use poster paint, watercolour paint, charcoal and an artist pencil.

The children have planned their Art work. They are beginning their final piece of work which is inspired by David Hockney!

William Morris


Our second artist of the half term is William Morris. He used a range of leaves, flowers and patterns to develop wallpaper. 

The children started by researching lots of facts about William Morris. Their final project will be to use printing and repeated patterns to create a section of wallpaper.


I think the classroom is going to look very beautiful with its new wallpaper!

Religious Education (R.E.)


Synagogue Visit - Wednesday 1st February 2023

Design Technology (D.T)

Levers & Mechanisms


The children are experimenting with levers and pivots to make a rocket move around the world.




Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed