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Out of this World (April - May)

What an exciting half term we have had! The children have been very busy learning all about Space in our topic ‘Out of this World’. The children have learnt about The Space Race between Russia and the USA. They learnt about the first living things to enter space which were fruit flies, monkeys and most famously Laika the dog. The children then learnt about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969 and the astronauts who safely negotiated this trip.

In our science learning this half term we have been learning about plants. We have learnt to identify a range of wild and garden plants and name a range of both deciduous and evergreen trees. We went for walks around our school grounds with our plant identification sheets to see which we could spot. We have also planted our own runner bean seeds and discussed what plants need to grow. As an experiment, we planted one seed without any water, one seed without any soil and one seed without any light (in the cupboard) to find out what would happen. We made predictions about what we think will happen and checked to see if we were correct.

We have enjoyed our computing lessons this half term. We have finished learning about algorithms and we now understand that they are clear and precise set of instructions that a computer needs to follow to perform a task. We discussed how to ‘debug’ an algorithm to fix an issue and discussed what is meant by a ‘program’. We are now looking at pictograms and how we can create these on Purple Mash. We have learnt how to collect data for a pictogram and how to interpret them.


In our art lessons we have been looking at the work of Andy Warhol and Wassily Kandinsky. We have learnt about these different artists including the different techniques they use in their art. We then had a go at creating art in the style of both artists.

In our English work we have been looking at the stories Beegu by Alexis Deacon and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. We have been making predictions about these stories and have also made inferences based on the clues we can find in the books. The children have done some wonderful instruction writing relating to these books. Some of their instructions included ‘How to catch a cheeky alien’ and ‘How to catch a shooting star’ and ‘How to catch the moon’.

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