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Spring 1

Reception Learning log Spring 1


What a busy half term the children have had. We have found out about the season Winter and went on a Winter Walk around our school grounds. The children wrote about what they saw and felt. We even completed some ice experiments to find out where the ice cubes would melt first!



The children also experimented with various art forms and created some amazing pictures and designs.

Our topic has been Let’s Pretend focusing around the book ‘On the Way Home’ by Jill Murphy. The children have wowed us with their fantastic imaginations, telling us where they would go on their adventures and who they would meet on their way home. We created clay models in the forest of fantastic beast and designed safe playground equipment for Claire (from the story) to play on.

We also made smelly cocktails, went for a cloud walk during Biodiversity day, and learnt how to stay safe on the internet as part of our online safety day.

The children tried a variety of Chinese food for Chinese New Year and found out we are in the Year of the Rabbit. Finally, the Balance Bike team came and helped us to learn how to use the bikes safely and to be more aware of others around us.  

Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed