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Spring 2

Time To Grow... 


We started off the half term by reading the story of Japser's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. In the story we met a cat called Jasper. He planted a seed and waited for it to grow. He looked after it but realised it did not grow straight away. He learned that he needed to look after the seed he had planted and wait patiently for it to grow. 

A- "I liked it when the plant grew and grew into a big beanstalk"

J- "It was funny when he tried to mow the soil with a lawnmower." 



We planted our own beans and sunflower seeds. We have been looking after them, watching them carefully and waiting patiently for them to grow. 

We also studied the life cycle of a bean and sequenced each stage during one of our focus tasks.



As part of our maths learning we have been discussing length and height. We have been exploring the different tools we can use to measure how tall or short something is and also comparing different lengths and heights. We really enjoyed looking at flowers and comparing them so we used this to put some flowers in height order.



We have also been exploring shape and some of us created our very own paintings and drawings using the 2D shapes we have been learning about.



As part of our learning about Understanding The World we talked a lot about an upcoming celebration of Mother's Day. We were trying to understand the roles that the people around us do and why they are important. We did such a good job learning about this that we created and performed an assembly all about why our Mums are so special. Our teachers and parents were so proud of us we did an amazing job. We wrote poems, painted pictures, sang songs, danced and had lots of fun. 






Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed