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Spring 2

What a busy term we have had at Crown Meadow Nursery! The children have been busy working hard covering learning across all seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum. Read on to hear about all of the lovely things we have been doing.


As part of our 'Time to grow' topic, of course the children have been learning all about how plants grow. What better way to learn than to get stuck in and grow something yourself? We started off by planting cress seeds and observing the growth before we took them home. We then got involved with the Sunflower challenge across the school for STEM week and planted a sunflower seed to see if we could grow the tallest sunflower.


Our Book focus for this term is 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. The children have enjoyed learning the story and discussing all of the new vocabulary, such as, raking, hoeing and mowing, as it is all about how Jasper wants to grow a beanstalk but it did not grow as 
quickly as he wanted it to. This prompted our learning and enabled us to look at how we need to take care of plants and look after them in the correct way to allow them to grow over time. Why not ask your child to retell the story of Jasper's Beanstalk using the actions? We are looking forward to innovating the story, inventing a new character and giving it a Nursery twist!


In Maths, we have been comparing objects referring their length and height. We have been using words such as short, tall, long, etc. I wonder if our Sunflower is going to be the 'tallest' of the school? We have also been ordering the days of the week. Talking lots about the first day of the week, the last day of the week and looking at what day comes next. Can your child sing to you our 'Days of the Week song?' below?


"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday's best! Friday's best! 
Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday, have a rest, have a rest!"


We have enjoyed showing off our artistic skills in a range of ways. We have collaboratively created a giant beanstalk for our classroom display and used a range of skills to make leaves for it, including painting, sponging, printing and collaging. Of course, we have also created our beautiful Mother's Day cards which we hope you loved just as much as we did! 


We have enjoyed going on adventures in the outdoor environment. We looked for trees and plants around the school grounds, observing what they looked like and what is different about each one. We collected natural materials and used those as a topic of conversation when we arrived back to the classroom to talk about how things grow and what happens when they stop growing. 


During our PE lessons, we have been working on our listening skills and racing skills. The children were very eager to go before they heard to word 'go'! I think we have a very competitive group of athletes in the making.


We also had a very exciting visitor in our Nursery Forest School area! We noticed that a bird had built a nest in one of our plant pots. We soon learned that the bird had laid 4 eggs in the nest! We spotted a robin flying to and from the nest so we spoke about how the eggs must be baby robins. Over the weeks, we kept a close eye on the eggs, observing each day from a distance. We now have 2 baby robins in our Nursery Garden and the children have been so good to make sure we do not cause them any harm or upset. 


We hope your children have had a lovely term in Nursery and we look forward to sharing all of our next term's 
learning with you. Thank you for your continued support as families.


Watch This Space for Photographs from this term!!!!!

Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed