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Twisted Tales of Truth and Tradition



Our first topic is titled 'Twisted Tales of Truth and Tradition'. Within our English learning, we will be exploring a range of traditional tales with a twist.




We have been consolidating our learning on the amount of tens and ones in a number. We have been using a range of practical resources to support our learning.

KIRF - Number bonds to 20.


____ + ____ = 20

We have progressed our Maths learning further to focus on two specific mathematical operations - addition and subtraction.

We have been adding tens to 2 digit numbers.

Enrichment Opportunities


Languages Day 2022


During Languages Day, we sampled around of food from different places in Europe.

Every year group had a different key Artist to explore. We focused on Pablo Picasso who was from Spain.




Harvest Festival


We have started practising our song for the Harvest Festival. This will be performed to the school. The song we are singing 'Autumn Harvest' on Cbeebies.


WOW - what a stunning start to our topic! The children designed Police badges which were checked by 'Constable Morris' at our crime scene. The children found 4 artefacts; cheese, diary, oven and burnt wood.


We will be using our knowledge of these artefacts to uncover the next steps in our Topic learning...

We have found out the diary we found belonged to Samuel Pepys! We are unsure who Samuel Pepys is and how he is connected to the artefacts so the Detectives in Year 2 have written to King Charles II. The code was written in hieroglyphics so we had to crack the code! The children showed huge resilience and determination whilst solving this problem!

We received a reply from King Charles II! The children were super excited. King Charles II does know Samuel Pepys and regards him as a very important person. King Charles II has granted us permission to ask Samuel Pepys a range of questions to find out additional information. Before we 'see him', we had to obtain some more information about Samuel Pepys. This was important as we needed to make sure our questions were appropriate and relevant.

King Charles II instructed us to interview Samuel Pepys. We were trying to find out the connection that Samuel Pepys had to the fire and what he knows.

It was very interesting as Samuel Pepys was blaming Thomas Farriner for the Great Fire of London.


We learnt a HUGE amount from interview Samuel Pepys!

Design Technology (DT)


Our aim of our DT project is to design Tudor Houses.

We have researched into what Tudor houses look like and the similarities/ differences to our houses today.


We have turned cardboard boxes inside out and painted these white.

After researching Tudor houses, we recognised they have black detail on them. We have used a ruler, glue and scissors to create strips of black paper. We had to accurately measure the strips to ensure they fitted on the Tudor houses correctly.

Project 2 - Fire Engines

Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed