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A Typical Day at our Nursery

It's a busy time as we welcome children to start the day. When children arrive, we encourage them to say goodbye to parents as they take off their coats and get ready for the day. Children will learn to recognise and find their own names before settling down for the register. As the children arrive, they are always warmly greeted by friendly and familiar faces at Crown Meadow.


After registration children take part in small adult led focussed learning, building upon basic maths and English skills, reflecting on individual, stages of development.

Throughout the morning children will be engaged with continuous provision, learning key skills to select toys to enable them to lead their own learning. Children come together for a healthy snack provided by school and then continue with more fun-fuelled activities through the morning. These vary according to the children’s interests and topics.


At lunchtime the children are responsible for tidying away before we sit to eat together as a group. Children can choose between hot school dinners, or a packed lunch. At Crown Meadow we encourage all children to develop social skills, eating with knives and forks, especially selected for little hands and children with packed lunches place their food on plates to experience the sharing of a sociable meal with others


If your child requires one, our environment is transformed into a cosy, snuggly area where they can get some sleep. As parents and practitioners, we know that sleep is an important part of the day, so by working with parents, we ensure that each child’s needs are carefully considered and met. For those not needing a sleep, we come together with a story or calming activity time where they can relax and recharge before the afternoon session.


The afternoon sessions follows a similar pattern to the morning and includes other learning experiences such as PE, music and even trips to the library to share a book.


At the end of each day, you can collect your child from the nursery doors at 3:30pm. If your child attends STEPs then a familiar member of staff will be able to handover any information to ensure you don’t miss out on any important achievements and development milestones.


Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed