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Outdoor Learning

Let Nature Be Your Teacher (William Wordsworth)


The outdoor area for our youngest children was extended in size in Summer 2021, with high priority being given to establishing a greater area for access to the outdoors. This area enables our children to further access resources which connect children’s experience of nature, deepens their understanding of the wider natural world, music and the arts. Ambitious learning goals, together with a rigorous focus on health, wellness and physical wellbeing makes for wonderful childhood experiences.

Our fully-equipped natural space enables children to be together and re-connect in a shared outdoor environment in all weathers and times of the school day. During Covid, children missed seeing their friends, experiencing the outdoors freely, being together at the park and sharing experiences. Re-connection in the outdoors is pivotal as they re-learn how to be a good friend, a team and to advocate our school PRIDE values. ‘Green school grounds encourages student to be more well-mannered, tolerant and polite with each other’ (Janet E.Dyment).


Regular Forest School sessions take place throughout the year, led by Mrs Webster, our Forest School trained  teacher and Early Years Lead.


Together we: Dream, believe, achieve and succeed