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Over the last few weeks children have been enjoying their new spelling programme and we are already seeing some great improvements. However, it is important that the children still familiarise themselves with the year 3/4 spellings that were sent home at the beginning of the year. Children are assessed throughout the year on these spellings individually and also in their writing. 

I have uploaded the list again for you to work through with your child. Perhaps just work your way down the list and choose about 6 per week to learn. Remember to keep visiting previously learnt words so that they stay in your child's long term memory.

From the week beginning the 9th November, we will be starting a new Spelling programme which is designed to support the children with not only learning spellings, but ensuring they retain these spellings and apply them within their written work. Due to the structure of this programme, we will no longer be holding a weekly spelling test on a Friday. Instead, the children will be routinely tested on the focus words throughout the week during spelling lessons. However, you should still have a copy of the year 3/4 words to work through with your child over the year.


Each week, we will upload the spelling focus on to this web-page to show you what spelling patterns/rules your child will be learning and will provide you with a list of suggested words that you could practice with your child at home. Feel free to test your own child on these words throughout the week and then return to them at a later date to see if they have retained them.


We hope this new programme will have a wonderful impact on your child's learning and will equip them with the spelling skills and strategies needed to support with their written work.

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

Last week of spellings

Spellings 2.7.21

Spellings 25.6.21

SPELLINGS 21.5.21 Prefix 'im'

SPELLINGS 14.5.21 Prefix dis

SPELLINGS 7.5.21 Prefix sub


Spellings 1.4.21

Spellings 26.3.21

SPELLINGS 22.2.21 Spring 2

SPELLINGS 11.12.20

Spellings 4.12.20

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