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Crown Meadow is a fantastic school that cherishes every single child. I have a son with very complex additional needs, who has had the joy of spending two years in the Crown Meadow Nursery. Where the school arranged for my son to have his teaching assistant. Following Nursery he has spent a year in reception. To be completely honest the staff from the very start have been very welcoming and maintained an extremely high level of support to my son. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Not only has Mr Morris the SENDCo supported us as a family at every hurdle we have encountered to ensure my child has never become overwhelmed. The school has always recognized every achievement no matter how big or small. The SENDCo, teaching assistants and class teacher have always made sure his happiness has been paramount and supported him by using his interest to try and make progress in areas he struggles with the most. Anyone with a child needing extra support honestly won't find a more supportive, compassionate team than what we have had the privilege to have worked alongside with at Crown Meadow, every member of staff has been approachable and taken all our recommendations on board and taught us a thing or two as well along the way. We will be forever grateful for everything the school has done and the impact they have had on my son's life, the special needs team deserve a medal, they really are heroes. (Parent Statement) 


Statement from our Educational Psychologist - Helen Colles


As educational psychologist for Crown Meadow First School, I work closely with the SENDCO in supporting the school to improve outcomes for children with a wide range of special educational needs. I take a consultative approach to supporting SEN in school and am keen to ensure that all stakeholders are enabled to contribute to the assessment and to developing an intervention plan. This often involves an initial meeting with parents and school staff, using a structured consultation model to share concerns, develop hypotheses and formulate an initial action plan, which can then be used as part of a Plan, Do, Review cycle. Where necessary, this may be followed up with further assessment and I use a range of assessment techniques to develop understanding around a child’s cognitive and/or social, emotional and mental health needs.

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